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Hedfuzy - Waves

Hedfuzy - Waves

Label : Hostile Media | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Hedfuzy is a progressive rock band from Limerick, Ireland that has existed since 2015 and has already released a self-titled debut album. The project revolves around multi-instrumentalist Pat Byrne who has started the band as a solo project after playing in Celtic Fusion for almost twenty years. Together with some friends, the first album was released quickly but Byrne reformed the group in 2018 with other, more permanent, band members. The second album was written and recorded that year and now comes out under the title Waves.

The band makes music that is somewhere between power and progressive metal, simple but thumping parts alternate with somewhat more complex parts. What I found difficult, however, is that the contrast between the simpler parts and the more complex parts is very large, there are long passages that are played fairly straightforward and then suddenly you get a short, somewhat more complex piece. Additionally, I find that the band sometimes keeps playing the same parts for too long, so you lose the attention to the music at some point (very clear on the song "Brick"). As far as the compositions go Waves falls a bit short, but instrumentally there is little to notice, the musicians seem to be able to master their instrument. Although, I have to be a bit critical here as well, not necessarily at the skill level but at the melody choices of the musicians. I think the guitar solos and keyboard solos sound a bit too much like they are improvised on the spot. The vocals of Jaime Callaghan are quite fine, but his melodies are not always strong, listen to The Boy Who Killed The Man for example, where his vocals sound a little dissonant (it rubs a bit). The drums of Keith McCoy are played well and would have preferred it if they were a tad less loud in the mix, especially considering that the parts are not particularly remarkable. The bass guitars of Byrne unfortunately do not really stand out, they seem to support the drums, but I would have liked to hear a bit more definition here.

If I read the above then I notice that I am very negative about this band, yet Waves is not a bad album at all but it just does not differentiate enough to stand out. Actually, everything on the album is okay but not good enough to be really special. I honestly do not think there is a future for Hedfuzy, except perhaps as a support act or opener of a festival. An album that is going to disappear in the archive and will not come out of it anymore.

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