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Torque - Torque

Torque - Torque

Label : Mascot Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Re-release

Wim S. : When hearing the name Phil Demmel, some bell will ring for most of you. Indeed, he is the man who played guitar in Vio-Lence and later also in successor Machine Head. After the split of Vio-Lence he also founded the band Torque. Between 1994 and 1997 three demos were released and in 1996 a real debut album was released, simply titled Torque. Demmel not only played guitar in Torque but also took care of the lead vocals. The band claimed to have their highlight as support on a tour of Exodus and a one-off performance at the famous Dynamo Festival in May 1996. Mascot Records re-releases the debut album now, 22 years later, with four bonus tracks.
Well, the meaning of this re-release really escapes me. Are fans still waiting for an album from a band that never managed to have any success whatsoever? A band and album that actually can be considered to be an in-between bands hobby project? I cannot imagine that. This album did almost nothing in 1996 and will not do so at all in 2019. In the nineties there were bands like Sacred Reich, Biohazard, Death Angel, Exodus, Testament and so on, who had success with similar music as Torque plays. So obviously this is classic thrash, and in the choruses you hear those typical sing alongs like for example Biohazard and Anthrax often did. And sometimes you hear a nice hardcore-like song like Dead You Lay. The sound of this album is also not really boosted: especially the drums still sound very amateurish. The riffs, the vocal lines, the melodies: you have already heard this numerous times, an better. As said, why then this release? Because of the four extra songs? I do not think so, because those are songs from the earlier demos, on which the band sounds even less than on the debut album. Although I think Sever is a nice song in the style of Prong. Well, if you are a sworn thrash enthusiast and you want to hear some old school thrash, Torque can be interesting for you. If not, then simply ignore this unnecessary release.

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