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Mythopoeic Mind - Mythopoetry

Mythopoeic Mind - Mythopoetry

Label : Apollon Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Mythopoeic Mind, not one of the catchiest names around. Perhaps Tolkien fans will remember their name (check the history of the band to find the link) but I am afraid very few will remember it. Unless the music is amazing of course, but well get to that in a minute. Twenty years ago the first signs of the band were shown, then in the form of the band Panzerpappa. Bandleader Steinar Borve played together with Trond Gjellum, Anders Krabberod, Jarle Storlokken, and Torgeir Wergeland. The necessary experience was gained, in the form of seven albums, before the men merged with Pal Selsjord Bjorseth (Gentle Knife), Arild Broter (Pymlico), Ola Mile Bruland and Kjetil Laumann to officially record something under the name Mythopoeic Mind. The result of this collaboration is the debut album Mythopoetry.

The album starts with the song Prologue Song and is not representative of the rest of the album, because it contains a very symphonic, almost orchestral, piece of music with strange vocals. For a moment I thought I was listening to an obscure project by the Metropole Orchestra. The album properly starts with the second song, Prey, a progressive rock song with some jazzy influences. The music feels like something that could have been made in the eighties, organs, synthesizer sounds and saxophone are all there and follow the well-known formula. The production also sounds a bit outdated and fits well with the music. The first few minutes of Prey are quite nice, but the further I get into to the album, the more my attention drifts away to other things. Although the music is actually not that bad, I still have a lot of trouble to stay focused on, and interested in, the music. I do not think its special enough and am seriously missing something special, whether its fantastic vocals, sparkling guitar parts, unparalleled compositions, just something! At times I also find the music a little cluttered, in the background there is a lot going on, there are too many instruments that play different parts, not strengthening each other. If you do this well it should form a beautiful whole but in this case it becomes a bit too messy and it just feels overcrowded.

Too bad, because the music is actually pretty decent, its well played and reasonably well sung, Laumann is certainly not a fantastic singer but his voice fits well with the music. The songs are just not good enough and a bit to cluttered to hold your attention for a longer period of time. Perhaps a lover of jazzy progressive rock can do more with this than I can, but the name Mythopoeic Mind will not stay with me for long.

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