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Diabol Boruta - Cazry

Diabol Boruta - Cazry

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Three years after Widziadla, the Polish folk metal band Diabol Boruta happens to be ready with their third studio album Czary. Music-wise they have elements from all subgenres of metal, with loads of sure-fire guitar skills of pure heavy metal as main feature, but the vocals of Pawel Leniart are only clean and that appears to be one of the weak features of the band. Furthermore they do everything quite okay: an atmospheric intro, a bit female vocals in Zaklecie, accordion as folk instrument in Studnia, sounds of nature in several tracks, incidental flutes to cheer up the whole thing. Yet most of the songs are lacking the inciting catchiness which is needed in this genre. At the end of the album they give us two of the songs, sung in English and in this case that is an upgrade. This is a typical medium class album. We are not really convinced yet, in despite of our affinity with the genre.

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