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Gaia Epicus - Alpha & Omega

Gaia Epicus - Alpha & Omega

Label : Epicus Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Norwegian Thomas Hansen is back with his one-man project Gaia Epicus. 'Alpha & Omega' is already his sixth album. Do not forget that the man has been busy since 2001. Thomas himself has done the singing, most of the guitar work and the bass. He received help from many guests for his project. Alfred Fridhagen from Mad Hatter provided the drumming. There are also names such as Mathias Hemmingby (Askheimr), Jack Roger Olsen (Highland Glory), Christer Haroy (Divided Multitude) and Magnus Tveiten (Blodsmak) who have conjured up the necessary guitar solos.

And speaking of magic, Gaia Epicus has delivered a brilliant album. Musically you can situate it somewhere between thrash and speed metal with a serious link to the eighties. And the latter is no blame at all, because it is precisely the albums from that decade which are now the classics. With opener 'War Against Terror' you immediately get an excellent song. Musically it is well thought out. The vocal parts of Thomas are reminiscent of Dave Mustaine. The choruses are strong and puts this song is directly in your mind. To the end, you get a nice break with in the background distraught war voices, a few news readers and all that nicely accompanied by piano. Successor 'The System Is Down' is of the same level. In fact, the quality level on the entire album is very high. Occasionally you hear something familiar in the ears. The beginning of 'Crush', for example, is very reminiscent of 'Enter Sandman'. During the choruses in 'Do not Be A Fool' you hear a female lamentation simultaneously. It are these details that remain and ensure that Gaia Epicus finally gets the appreciation he now deserves.

You will not encounter new things here. But Thomas has succeeded in bringing together all the excellent pieces of a decade of thrash and speed in an album. And that is something every metal fan will enjoy.

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