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Ravenous Death - Chapters Of An Evil Transition

Ravenous Death - Chapters Of An Evil Transition

Label : Memento Mori | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : The idea to form Ravenous Death came up during the recording sessions of Remains third album in 2016. Drummer Esteban Salcedo and vocalist slash guitarist Miguel Angel wanted another band in which they could show their love for brutal Swedish bands such as Vomitory and Torture Division. They brought guitarist Enrique Fray of Demonic Manifestation into the band that they baptised after the Vomitory song The Ravenous Death. Later in the same year they recorded their first EP, which was uploaded to Bandcamp in March of 2017. The band from Guadalajara, Mexico started working on their debut full-length that comes out through Spains Memento Mori. They did add a new vocalist though, being Victor Mercado (Demonic Manifestation).

Chapters Of An Evil Transition is the first time I hear any material by these guys and I like what I hear. The 10 songs are well-written and blast away in a great way. The tempo therefore is high, but the guys make sure there is enough room for elements that actually makes it all worthwhile to listen to. Fortunately the riffs are interesting and there is plenty of melody. Next to the clear influence of the aforementioned Vomitory I also hear comparisons to bands such as Sinister or Vader. The only downside to this album to me is the vocals. For my taste they are a bit bland and monotonous. I have to admit that I was able to adjust myself to the vocals the more I listened to this album. Ravenous Death will not become one of the top players within the death metal scene. A decent position amongst the second-tiers is well-deserved though. My advice: have a listen first!

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