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We Are The Catalyst - Ephemeral

We Are The Catalyst - Ephemeral

Label : Ferocity Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : The band is founded in 2012 by Cat Fey and Kenny Boufadene and directly started touring. The shows were a good place to experiment and to figure out by the interaction with the audience how to pass their passion to the fans. This resulted in an EP and by 2014 in the first full length album ‘Monuments’. I immediately liked the album and still turn it on once in a while. The reviews were impressive worldwide. The band turned into a steady group and kept on playing live.

They reached the point the got themselves a distribution and promotion deal for the new album. They had to record the album by their own resources so the band started a crowdfunding campaign. However strange enough, three days before the end of the campaign the band was not nearly at the goal they had set. An anonymous fan could not see this happening and donated the rest of the needed money. The rest is history. Cat and her team entered the studio to kick ass. Where ‘Monuments’ can be seen as a good album, the new record ‘Ephemeral’ simply is a great album. Dark metal with a lot of industrial elements describe the music. Let me start with apologizing towards the band. Although they have done a very good job it is Cat who enchants me with her distinctive and amazing voice. She simply puts me on a floating carpet to let me escape this angry world. To me she has one of the nicest voices in the genre. This album just might hit my top 10 for 2019. What an achievement!

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