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Ølten - Ambiance

Ølten - Ambiance

Label : Hummus Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Swiss post-sludge-core outfit Ølten is back with second full-length album called ‘Ambiance’. A fitting title for this instrumental album. Carefully constructed sludgy dirges with heaps of atmosphere. That is what we get in a nutshell. ‘Ambiance’ is however not without variation: often the music becomes oppressive and heavy, but Ølten easily shifts gears into more mellow waters as well, sometimes even bordering on emotional. Being instrumental does require the music to be sufficiently expressive and Ølten is on top of that in every aspect, so vocals aren’t missed at all. As a whole the album has that thought-drifting quality (in a good way) one often seeks in bands such as Neurosis or Cult Of Luna, and in my book Ølten delivers the same quality as those more familiar names. Recommended.

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