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Entropia - Vacuum

Entropia - Vacuum

Label : Arachnophobia Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Polish post-metallers of Entropia are back with their third full-length album called ‘Vacuum’ and boy are we in for a treat wit this. Entropia always combined black metal, sludge psychedelics and prog-metal in various ratios and always worked successfully. On ‘Vacuum’ the black metal and sludge elements are only sporadically present (but essential!) and the emphasis lies more upon modern progressive metal and emotional yet entrancing atmosphere. Fairly technical at times, but one never has the feeling this is just a showcase of musical prowess. No, everything is functional and clearly aim to express the thoughts and feeling of its creators. Make no mistake about the level of aggression either: blast-beats, double bassdrums and screams are as much key elements of this album as melody and emotionality. Imagine a mix between Au-Dessus and Heretoir with an elevated technical level and you might get an approximation of what Entropia has on offer with ‘Vacuum’. An absolute high-light within the post-metal genre and an all-round superb album.

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