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The Empty Bottles - No Sense For The Cause

The Empty Bottles - No Sense For The Cause

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Demo

Koen B. : The Empty Bottles are a punk / ‘hardcore band from Flanders / Belgium that exists since 2008 or so. They debuted with ‘Totally Wasted’ in 2013 and now their sophomore album ‘No Sense For The Cause’ sees the light of day. It was self-released and therefore you’ll have to buy a copy at one of their gigs or visit their Facebook page and ask for it. I wasn’t too fond of The Empty Bottles previous release and ‘No Sense For The Cause’ I am of the same opinion.

Don’t get me wrong: this self-releaser is really nice but nice just ain’t good enough to sell albums in today’s market. The Empty Bottles play three or four chord punk rock that doesn’t add anything to the genre that exploded about 40 years back. The songs are just too weak, the vocals are just too annoying and some of the ideas are stolen from others like the ‘NFUSA’ track. The lyrics are stolen (or inspired) by MDC’s track ‘Born To Die’ which was featured on their 1982 ‘Millions Of Dead Cops’ album.

The American godfathers of hardcore recently even copycatted their own song where “no war, no KKK, no fascist USA” was converted to “no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” on their 2017 ‘Mein Trumpf’ EP on Primordial Records. Well The Empty Bottles have ruminated the same lyrics in ‘NFUSA’ track. Political hardcore? Been there, done that.

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