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Aver - Orbis Majora

Aver - Orbis Majora

Label : Ripple Music | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Hailing from Australia, Aver brings us their third album. It is their first release on the Ripple Music label but they continue the trend and deliver another beautiful album with 'Orbis Majora'. Right from the start it is evident that they melt together various instruments that would normally be used next to each other to create different atmospheres, but are used here to create one single, very strong and relaxed vibe. The violin, which is ordinarily used to summon a more down-hearted feeling, is used here to blow everything up to larger proportions, something that is made even bigger by the loose and wild guitar playing. In contrast to the super tight pulling of the strings that some bands utilize, here it seems that the guitarist just starts playing a solo and continues jamming with that until he is done. It sounds fresh and awesome, and it would be nice to hear this more often these days.

A psychedelic sound thusly unfolds before our ears and this gives Aver's solid stoner sound a handsome seventies edge. I say stoner sound, mainly because the band uses repetitive patterns occasionally, but that is definitely not the main thing here. Another something that is very pleasant and needs to be mentioned is the way that the bass guitar does not just follow whatever the guitar does. It has quite different parts and this makes the music even more interesting, filling it up with this intense groove. Besides the repetition the band makes sure to include a lot of variety in each song and we effortlessly glide from fuzzy, warm sunsets to heavy, swirling cosmic chaos to eventually float through space surrounded by clear, glowing orbs of multicolored light. I think the term spacerockers is a very legit one to assign to Aver. 'Orbis Majora' does not ask for your undivided attention, when you press "play" it commands it.

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