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Nebula - Demos & Outtakes 98-02

Nebula - Demos & Outtakes 98-02

Label : Heavy Psych Sounds | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : In the late nineties Nebula was one of the bands that helped shape archetypical stoner rock, the culmination of Black Sabbath worship drenched in feedback and fuzz with a healthy dose of space rock and psychedelia. As if Motörhead had suddenly turned into a krautrock band. And this with all amps at Spinal Tap level 11. Born from another stoner legend – Fu Manchu – the trio consisting of Eddie Glass, Ruben Romano and Mark Abshire, worked hard and created a bunch of now legendary albums and EPs. So it is not that strange that the band, to celebrate their twentieth birthday, reissued the essential early albums ‘Let It Burn’, ‘To The Center’ and ‘Dos EPs’ about a year ago.

Highly recommended for every real stoner fan, although this is probably stating the obvious. How ca none be a real stoner fan and not own – or at least have heard – these albums? No, this was meant for those snobs who did not have the cleaned up and remastered vinyl versions in their collection or really needed that one live bonus track. Those very same snobs will probably go wild when they ear there were some leftovers. Demo’s from well-known songs from the mentioned albums and a few covers from songs by Leaf Hound, The Creation and Black Flag. Please don’t get me wrong, even in a demo format songs like als Smokin' Woman, Sun Creature, You Got It, To The Center and Synthetic Dream are pretty good to take. Does that mean they really add something to the recently rereleased albums: actually not. That leaves the three covers and the handful of demos that were not released in any form before. Are they reason enough to go out and buy ‘Demos & Outtakes 98-02’? Personally I think they are not, but the real Nebula fan may have a very different opinion on that. Especially for him (or her) Heavy Psych Sounds Records has compiled and issued this album. Enjoy. I think I will just give ‘To The Center’ another spin.

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