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Soilwork - Verkligheten

Soilwork - Verkligheten

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Those who have followed Soilwork during their twenty-three years of existence, knows that the Swedish six never obtain the exact same sound for long, yet on each album they continue to sound entirely like themselves. You could sense in advance that the new album 'Verkligheten' (Swedish for reality) would not be an indiscriminate continuation of [‘The Living Infinite’ and‘The Ride Majestice. And so, it happened.

'Verkligheten' is unmistakably a Soilwork album, if only because of the so recognizable, strong vocals of Bjorn 'Speed' Strid. The band elaborates on the path of melodic death metal they have set out and the well-known elements such as atmosphere, melody, power and fierceness, the many subtle tempo and atmosphere changes within the songs, the variation between the tracks and the in detail worked out compositions are still fully present at 'Verkligheten'. The band has changed the settings here and there and the accents have shifted a little so that some songs come out just a bit different as the most recent work. This time you will encounter a tad more melody and clean vocals on the new album ('Full Moon Shoals', 'Stålfågel'). Because of that the band has lost some of the fierceness. These two tracks were released prior to the album and online they led to many comparisons with Night Flight Orchestra, the AOR project where Strid also does the vocals. With fragments in a track like 'Full Moon Shoals' that is still somewhat understandable, but tracks ‘When The Universe Spoke’, ‘The Wolves Are Back In Town’, ‘Needles And Kin’ and You Aquiver’ have absolutely nothing to do with AOR. Yes, the album contains many infectious tracks and/or compelling choruses and is full of variation, but that is nothing new for Soilwork, is it? Whatever it may be: ‘Verkligheten’ is sometimes slightly different, but still clearly Soilwork. The six sound familiar, natural and recognizable, but added some small, fresh changes. It is only a few given to do that with impunity; Soilwork does it seemingly effortlessly on 'Verkligheten'.

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