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Skizma - Anthrovoid

Skizma - Anthrovoid

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Skizma is a Finnish band that likes to make technical metal music, which they have been doing since 2007. After making three demo EPs, which were sung entirely in Finnish, the group decided to switch over to the English language, a sensible decision if you ask me because this makes a band a bit more interesting to the international market. Since then, the band released an EP in 2016 and a self-financed debut album called '360RB', in 2017. Apparently the band was very inspired in 2017 and wrote enough material for sophomore album that was released at the end of last year under the name 'Anthrovoid '.

'Anthrovoid' is a concept album that’s about a time in which the animal kingdom has had it with the arrogant and almost divine status of mankind, which will lead to an animal revolution. To be honest, I didn’t notice this musically, the vocals are not always easy to understand (because of the accent and grunts) but also in the melodies I miss the connections between the songs. The music often takes a fast pace and falls between a few sub-genres, prog, metalcore and death influences are all there. Occasionally I also think I hear a little bit of System Of A Down, although I don’t quite know why, perhaps because of the playful nature of the songs. The songs are in any case quite accessible to the public who like some heavy music. The lead role is for singer /guitarist Juho Kilponen, besides him being a capable guitar player who did a good job he also sings quite well, his clean vocals is okay but he is much stronger with his more aggressive vocal style. Although it sounds pretty good now, a good clean singer might not be a bad idea for these guys. The rest of the band also does not disappoint, drummer Juuso Tikka and bassist Panu Piirainen put down a good base on which the guitars and vocals can do their thing. They also do well in terms of compositions, although I think that there is still some growth potential here.

The men from Skizma should be very pleased with 'Anthrovoid', it’s a nice album that is easy to enjoy. To be honest I do feel like I’m missing something but I find it difficult to pin-point what I miss exactly. Perhaps the clean vocals could make the difference here, but it’s not really a problem. That being said, this is a very entertaining album of a band that might just surprise you, the potential is certainly there. A band to keep an eye on!

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