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Carnal Forge - Gun To Mouth Salvation

Carnal Forge - Gun To Mouth Salvation

Label : Vicisolum Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : The Swedish trashers of Carnal Forge return with their seventh studio album and first album in 12 years’ time, entitled ‘Gun To Mouth Salvation’. After a hiatus of three years the band regrouped 2013, lead by guitarist and founder Jari Kuusisto, together with his brother Petri Kuusisto on guitars, bassist Lars Lindén and new drummer Lawrence Dinamarca (Loch Vostok, Nightrage). Thus far they only released the 2-track single ‘When All Else Fails’, but behind the scenes the band worked on the follow up on their sixth album ‘Testify For My Victims’ that was released in 2007 through Candlelight Records. With new singer Tommie Wahlberg Carnal Forge recorded the new album ‘Gun To Mouth Salvation’ and one could say Carnal Forge is back on track!

‘Gun To Mouth Salvation’ contains eleven new thrash metal tracks served with a flaw of melodic death metal. Aggressive thrash metal riffs with powerful grooves mixed with catchy melodies and aggressive vocals of Wahlberg are the main ingredients on this new album and during forty-six minutes Carnal Forge destroy everything in their path. After twelve years it was about time and our Swedish friends do not disappoint. The album was recorded and mixed at the SoundPeaQ Studio of guitarist Petri Kuusisto, and mastered by ex-guitar player Dino Medanhodzic at his Radionika Studio, and the sound is absolutely killer. Ofcourse, the momentum that Carnal Forge had when they released four albums in a row on Century Media between 2000 and 2004 is far behind us, but there will be plenty of fans that still care about Carnal Forge. For those fans, and metal fans that enjoy the sounds of bands like The Haunted or Darkane, ‘Gun To Mouth Salvation’ will be an absolute highlight to look forward to, when it will be released on January 25th through the relatively small label ViciSolum Productions. Great comeback album of these old-time thrashers from Sweden!

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