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Rifftera - Across The Acheron

Rifftera - Across The Acheron

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : When I got hold of the Rifftera debut in 2015, I could not suppress a smile. A name that was reminiscent of an overload of riffs and a spin-off of Pantera. But to my great satisfaction, it turned out that they actually could play. The whole record was recorded by the band members at their homes and the drum parts were played by a session drummer. The album appeared as a self-release. I ended my review with the words that it was time that a record label would show interest in this promising band. And look, in the meanwhile Inverse Records signed them.

Now, the band even has its own drummer. You still get to hear a portion of thrash and death metal. However, it is clear to hear that the band has grown a lot. Both in terms of production and music. This is immediately expressed with opener 'Burning Paradise'. After the earlier melodic beginning the song starts with a fast drum tempo and a healthy dose of grunt. The chorus is then back mixed cleanly with more brutal choirs. Then to switch abruptly to pieces of melodic power metal. Those power metal choruses are further elaborated and deepened in the successor 'Two Sides Of The Story'. It even gave me some real goose bumps moments. Do not think that Rifftera has become a gang of softies. Frequently they switch to pieces of aggressive death / thrash metal. Just listen to 'Cry Wolf'. A sturdy and furious thrash number. The eight songs last no less than fifty-five minutes. Six of the eight even exceed the six minutes of playing time and the closing 'Across The Acheron' even goes above eleven minutes. It is important that nowhere there is one second of boredom. Rifftera has succeeded in creating his own and very mature sound and with 'Across The Acheron' the year 2019 starts with a really great album.

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