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Lugnet - Nightwalker

Lugnet - Nightwalker

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Just as the debut album, the cover-art is a great piece of work, the video clip is tastefully campy, and the music maybe even better than ever. The mix of seventies and eighties solid hard rock is performed once more with craftsmanship and passion. Memories lead back to bands like Rainbow and Alcatrazz again; some references to be proud of in my opinion. The voice of singer Roger could already be categorized as quite typical hard rock, but this might even be stronger with his successor Johan Fahlberg (ex-Jaded Heart); a fabulous voice when you’re into this stuff, but this can also be an obstacle in a way. The basics of the music are not that remarkable, but the arrangements contain some tasteful stubborn processes and twists, and the performance is simply excellent. Even as someone really fond of the work of good old Sweet, I do certainly dig the cover ‘Cockroach’ very much, to mention a specific track. Some truly recommendable songs are the phenomenal ‘Begging’ which could have been a classic Led Zeppelin or Hendrix track with a slightly different vocal and overall sound, or the great Black Sabbath-like ‘Death Laughs At You’ with a bluesy theme and tension reminding of Gary Moore, transforming into a creative and impressive jazz-rock direction. Technically it’s all very much okay, but above that, the passion and devotion can almost be tasted; this is simply great stuff!

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