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Lost In Grey - The Waste Land

Lost In Grey - The Waste Land

Label : Reaper Entertainment | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : These kind of albums are a treat for my ears and give me lots of hope for the future if it is about distinctive bands that do their thing and do that it in an impressive manner. Lost In Grey is just releasing its second album but it sounds like a band that is filled with very experienced folks that are in this band for decades. There is not a moment of hesitation in the songs and in their way of playing the songs and this on a technical very complex record.

The band describes it as theatrical metal. I have seldom heard a band with such very well played roles and convincing presentation. I would like to know what a phenomenon like Arjen Lucassen thinks about this album. The singers are true artists. With three singers in the band you might expect firework but the band needed more so they added a few guest musicians. You might ask why when listening to the album. The singers are that versatile that they play their different roles with ease. The songs are great and detailed stories which might show in the length of the songs. There are ‘just’ eight songs on the record with an average of seven minutes per song. However it is twice the length of an average ‘Amaranthe’ song. On their latest album ‘Helix’ you will find just twelve songs. So if you do your math, which album might be most interesting? When you want to dive deeper into the themes, stories and music I would advise you to check out their Facebook page. Each individual song is explained and the inspiration is declared and how it had resulted into a song. This too shows their talent and extremely high level of this album. I guess that this album will appear in some ‘top-10 of 2019 lists’. Well done!

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