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John Garcia And The Band Of Gold - John Garcia And The Band Of Gold

John Garcia And The Band Of Gold - John Garcia And The Band Of Gold

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : In the meantime John Garcia can give Spice some genuine high fives when gathering at the bar. After leaving their most successful bands – respectively Kyuss and Spiritual Beggars – they appeared in so many bands and side projects that you cannot see the wood for the trees anymore. John Garcia used to be co-founder of Kyuss, but when he engaged himself in 2010 to play some Kyuss songs and own material live, millionaire and ex-buddy Josh Homme contacted a lawyer and started a lawsuit. Kyuss Lives! was forced to stop by the greed of a former friend. Very sad!

Furthermore John Garcia is known for his contributions to Unida, Slo-Burn, Hermano and Vista Chino. In addition to that he started a solo career, reflected in our reviews for ’John Garcia’ and ’The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues’. Anno 2019 he starts the year with a self-titled album of John Garcia And The Band Of Gold. After two solo albums and the ‘Coyote Unplugged’ tour, he has recruited producer Chris Goss (check out Masters Of Reality!) to fine-tune his eleven new compact compositions. In the past Chris Goss produced albums of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age, so we do not have to worry about the sound, chunky guitars all over. The album kicks off with the instrumental ‘Space Vato’, heavy and unwieldy, but from ‘Jim’s Whiskers’ on it is obviously the sharp, idiosyncratic voice of Garcia that defines the songs. That’s always a good deal, but honesty forces me to admit that not all of the songs are equally strong. ‘Kentucky II’ and ‘Lillianna’ have some sweet, mellow backing vocals that make them too smooth. Of course it is a trip down memory lane in stoner rock and the guys play fervently their songs, but we have heard some better material on John’s recent solo albums. Our favourites and tips to listen to are ‘Jim’s Whiskers’, ‘Cheyletiella’ and the slow fluttering occluding track ‘Softer Side’.

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