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Infinita Symphonia - Liberation

Infinita Symphonia - Liberation

Label : My Kingdom Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With ’A Mind’s Chronicle’ (2011) and ’Infinita Symphonia’ (2013) these Italians released two solid records. The band came with their own approach to symphonic power metal and combined that with influences from the traditional hard rock and AOR-angle, but – and especially on the second LP – also a heavy load of prog. Since I liked the two previous albums, I was very curious about this third long player, 'Liberation'.

Well, unfortunately with this band is exactly what happens that I am always afraid of: the gentlemen have exaggerated in their progressive development and have ruined the whole thing for me. A few exceptions aside, I simply can’t stand prog and find it even aggravating. The sturdy pieces are so modern that they sound almost anonymous and the slower pieces are so long-winded that they just get boring. The whole thing is packed with variety so that I lose the thread every time and the album rarely contains a moment which I can really call catchy. The song 'Never Forget' with vocal guest contribution by Ralf Scheepers (Prima Fear) is definitely one of the nicer tunes, but I don’t like its modern character either. And yes, it's all very clever, there is excellent musicianship and Luca Micioni is a magnificent and very talented singer. But damn, this really doesn’t do anything for me. At one point it all becomes so long-winded that I wonder how long it is all going to take, and then I am only at the fourth song! And the record contains ten, which clock over 61 minutes altogether. I’m probably not the right person to review this anyway, but it is what it is. Fans of progressive (power) metal will probably know their way around with this album and may add ten points to the final score – which is more based on musicality and talent – but this band doesn’t do much for me anymore.

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