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Praying Angel - The Judgement

Praying Angel - The Judgement

Label : Boersma Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This German band was founded in 2012 by the brothers Simon and Jesper Kranz. In 2015 the EP 'Bloody Hands Of Our God' was released and now their debut 'The Judgment' hits the streets. The big emphasis is on the word modern. That shows in a style that lies somewhere between thrash, metalcore and deathcore. The riffs are played with a lot of hooks and licks. Everything is kept fairly simple without going too much into technical and / or complicated patterns. The big advantage is that the band knows what they can and can’t and is completely absorbed in gaming pleasure. Singer Timo Blascheck screams, roars and grunts it all. Exception is the longer song 'Worthless Existence'. The build-up to the climax is slower, more exciting and sounds a lot more mature than on the rest of the album. They will not achieve the big breakthrough with this album, for the level is still a bit too low for that. But you will certainly experience half an hour of fun here.

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