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Tytus - Rain After Drought

Tytus - Rain After Drought

Label : Fighter Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Tytus is an Italian traditional heavy/thrash metal band in the sense that they have listened carefully to all icons of the genre. Then they have put those influences in ten songs and hence their second album, 'Rain After Drought'. A lot of Iron Maiden and early Metallica influences on this release that I will probably put on another couple of times the coming weeks. It starts already with the intro which could have been on 'Ride The Lightning'. If next opening track ‘Disobey’ erupts, you just hope that this level is held for the rest of the album. In the following 'The Invisible' those Metallica influences can be heard again with a touch of Slayer. 'The Storm That Kill Us All' then brings some more traditional heavy metal / hard rock with a great sing-along chorus. There are several recognizable themes that pass by on this release. 'The Dark Wave' refers to Maiden at the time of the debut with again Metallica influences, especially in the chorus.

However, the highlights of this album are the title songs 'Rain After Drought' part 1 and 2. Part 1 is an instrumental mainly up-tempo track with a lot of melodic double guitar work. Part 2 starts as a semi ballad on which singer/guitarist Ilija Riffmeister can be heard for the first time with his clean singing voice. In the other tracks he uses a scream voice that sounds a bit like Joel O'Keeffe from Airbourne. 'Move On Over’ is early Metallica all over again after which 'A Desolate Shell Of A Man' ends the album in the same characteristic style. It is not innovative what Tytus brings us on this album, but it is very high-quality music and that makes it a very good record.

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