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Mark Deutrom - The Blue Bird

Mark Deutrom - The Blue Bird

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Mark Deutrom is a master when we are talking about all things music. With his music this man quite easily manages to create huge landscapes of feelings and emotions and through notes and melodies is able to, like no other man, evoke special atmospheres. I have not known Mark's music for that long but as soon as I was sent his album 'The Silent Treatment' to write a review for its rerelease I knew this was someone who knew perfectly damned well what he was doing.

This year has seen several rereleases of his past albums, 'Brief Sensuality & Western Violence' among others. And this has all been a very good build-up to the release of a brand new album. An album called 'The Blue Bird'. I don't know if it is just because I have a very vivid imagination, but that title combined with the name Mark Deutrom says quite a lot to me. It summons to mind shady backsides of pubs that initially look peaceful and quiet, and lobbies in decadent hotels. Things you despise but at the same time crave for. The very interesting versatility of the human mind.

As soon as you put this album on you will realize that it makes sense: there is a versatility here that can only be appreciated. Deutrom interchanges sensitive, instrumental songs with somewhat longer tracks on which he shapes topics by singing about them. Even though he is very well able to play multiple instruments, the guitar is the one most used to portray the feelings I wrote about earlier, and interesting riffs and solos follow suit. 'Radiant Gravity' for instance, is a masterpiece in all its divine simplicity. I use the word masterpiece willingly and convinced. With a few simple picks on the guitar and a very mellow background-sound, Deutrom manages to mingle the feeling of a late summer sheet of rain with the languor of warm, autumn afternoons. Another example is 'They Have Won', with vocals and a very dark intent. Deutrom is not the most pure singer in the world, and that is also his charm: you do not need to be perfect when you put so much feeling into the words that you sing.

Actually I would like to describe every song on this album, just because all of them evoke such intense emotions. I will not do so though, in the first place because it would make this review far too big, but in the second place because I want to invite you to play this record, close your eyes and see (hear) what it does to you. Deutrom is a master and he has convinced me of his craftsmanship in a very short time

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