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DNA - Party Tested

DNA - Party Tested

Label : Metalville | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Re-release

Wim R. : Back in 1983 guitarist Rick Derringer and drummer Carmine Appice joined forces, resulting in the album ‘Party Tested’. German label Metalville decided to give the album a re-release. Not the first, this album has been re-released before in 2011 by the, unknown and obscure label, Varese Sarabande. The album is quite a short affair, holding seven songs, which makes the album hit the thirty minute mark. The album is released in a digipack, but it is a sober, one on one, affair. No bonus tracks or liner notes. No remastering. A label like Rock Candy, known for their re-release catalogue, does a much better job on this kind of releases. If you want to read the accompanying booklet in this release a magnifying glass might come in handy. Too bad. Purists might be happy that this release is released as it came out back in the day. DNA played uncompromising rock with keyboards. It gives you a good idea on what was hot back in the USA rock scene in the eighties. The instrumental ‘Rock & Roll, part II’ is a nice and heavy song. Opening song Doctors Of The Universe’ is the strongest song on offering. In the end only fans will be attracted to buy ‘Party Tested’.

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