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Volbeat - Let’s Boogie – Live At The Telia Parken

Volbeat - Let’s Boogie – Live At The Telia Parken

Label : Universal Music Group | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : On 26 August 2017 - yes, more than two years ago - Volbeat had the honor to be the first Danish band ever to sell out the large Telia Parken in the Danish capital. It was the largest rock concert ever in Denmark, with almost 50,000 visitors. Why it lasted two years is a mystery to me, but finally now the registration of that performance will be released: on two CDs you can listen to 26 songs that the fans know from the inside and outside of course.

Nice to hear that Michael Poulsen starts talking in Danish after 'Radio Girl' and then continues in English, because he is aware of the fact that there are many non-Danes present (although he will talk Danish a little more later on). And when the band continues with 'Lola Montez' you hear the crowd go crazy. Nice. I can be quite short about this double CD. The sound is beautiful: very heavy and nice and clear. Especially the drums of Jon Larsen sound beautiful in the final mix. The band is in top shape and the set list is in order. There are a few celebs on the stage to assist the band: we can hear Mille from Kreator in '7 Shots', none other than Barney from Napalm Death in 'Evelyn' (delicious !!, immediately the coolest song on this album) , Lars Ulrich as a famous Dane (Prince Of Denmark, hahaha) can play the drums on 'Enter Sandman' (of course) but also on 'Guitar Gangstars And Cadillac Blood' and we hear Danko Jones singing in 'Black Rose'. The Danish boxer Mikkel Kessler, unknown to me, appears in 'A Warrior's Call', which is played with a lot of power.Well, fans of the band know enough and can run to the shop to buy this album. O sorry, that is very 80s ... .Fans know enough and buy the album digitally via iTunes. Or listen through Spotify.

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