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Gang - All For One

Gang - All For One

Label : Underground Investigation | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : In homeland France Gang is a respected name in the underground and also at an international underground level the band, which celebrates its silver anniversary anno 2018, has the necessary respect and recognition. The anniversary is celebrated with a new studio album, which was released in October. What I had heard from the band so far and especially their last long player, ’Inject The Venom’ were definitely not disappointing, so I welcomed this new album, 'All For One', with enthusiasm.

On their seventh long player the men simply continue doing what they were born to do, which is playing old-fashioned, 80s hardrock and heavy metal. In comparison with the previous record the gentlemen pace down more often here, with some pieces sounding somewhat more progressive-charge as a result. Listen for example to the chorus in 'The Legend' or songs like 'The Devil In Me', 'Follow The Sign' and the closing 'Save Me', which shows influences from a.o. old Queensrÿche, Fates Warning and co.. Although these are good compositions, they do not have the necessary in-house to keep you learning from start to finish in my opinion. As a result, the attention is drops regularly, which disturb the album’s flow. The sturdier tracks such as the powerful opener 'The Almighty', 'Lord Tell Me' and 'Warchild', which traditionally are packed with typical NWOBHM-riffs and melodies and most of all rock solidly, do a lot of good. Also the bulky, threatening heavy/doom metaller 'Another Tomorrow', which reminds me of the Dio-era Black Sabbath, is a strong and very catchy song with a wonderfully dark edge. And also the thirteen-minute title track is a highly versatile piece and an absolute highlight of the album. However, this versatility applies to the whole album and the guest appearances of vocalists such as Marc Quee, Panagiotis Xanthou and Katerina Xanthou (R.U.S.T.X.) of course also contribute to this. For the rest we also get guest contributions from, among others, guitarists Steve Morrison (Tysondog), Aurélien Pauchet (Spirit), and from Tony Dolan (Venom Inc.).

All in all, 'All For One' has become a pleasant and entertaining old-fashioned heavy metal album that will surely apply the fans of the genre and the earlier work of the band. However, I can’t really speak of a highlight, and personally find 'Inject The Venom' stronger because of its more straightforward character and more fast songs. But that of course is purely a matter of taste.

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