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DBA - The Sky Is Falling

DBA - The Sky Is Falling

Label : Metalville | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Re-release

Wim R. : Carmine Appice recorded many albums in his lengthy career. In 2001 he recorded this album ’The Sky Is Falling’ with his old Vanilla fudge colleague Tim Bogert on bass and Rick Derringer on guitar. Metalville is re-releasing this album. Back in 2001 this album was released with the title ‘Doing Business As’. Why the title was changed and the album cover redone is a mystery to me. Just as the other Appice related re-release ‘Party Tested’ by DNA (Derringer and Appice), this album was re-released before in 2009. Metalville will continue to bring out Appice-related material in 2019 by the way. This album has two bonus tracks. First one is ‘Hang On Sloopy’ by the McCoys (Derringer his first band) and ‘Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo’ from Derringer’s solo days. This album is mainly about true and raw Rock and Roll. It sounds like the band recorded this album live in the studio. Lead vocals are split between the three, Bogert pulling the short string with only two vocal spots. Derringer is the most convincing and strong vocalist. Appice should stick to letting his drums do the talking, instead of his voice. His only decent vocal performance is on ‘Everybody’s Comin’’. This album has some highlights in the fiery ‘Blood From A Stone’ with Derringer on fire and the strong ‘The Sky Is Falling’. Album closer ‘Rhapsody In Red’ is also worth mentioning. A nice and moody instrumental. Besides the mainly rock orientated songs, the bands does some side stepping to funk and blues. There is no discussion that these guys can play. Unfortunately it does not result in very memorable music. With sixty minutes this album is too long. If the band would have been more selective, this album would have turned out stronger than it did back in 2001.

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