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Seventh Genocide - Svnth

Seventh Genocide - Svnth

Label : Third I Rex | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Seventh Genocide is the colorful name of this four headed black metal band from Rome. Even though that has to be read with a certain sense of sarcasm, one thing is very clear: this band has a versatile and stubborn personality. Versatile because they flawlessly melt together different kinds of metal, and stubborn because they do so within a genre that is rife with clich├ęs and prejudice. Exactly how I like my black metal being served.

'Svnth' contains four tracks that together give us over half an hour of sonic pleasure. Not only do we hear machine gun-like drums that guide us through barren and desolate landscapes, sheets of icy rain and snowy curtains also light the way in the shape of high pitched riffs. With little effort the music captures the magical and soul enchanting ambiance that I associate with black metal, also because of the icy vocals that are somewhat reminiscent of Dani Filth's during the 'Dusk And Her Embrace' era. Seventh Genocide adds to this the good parts of power and heavy metal - the powerful, grinding marches and the twin axe guitars - but in a way that conserves their seriousness. That they do not shun experimenting becomes especially evident in the two longer compositions ('Sleepless' and 'Martial Eyes'), in which we are treated to progressive parts and folky intermezzos. Again in a way that does not take anything away from how solid this record is.

The band does not fall into the trap of long, boring parts in which nothing really happens, and another thing that I appreciate a lot (because the music itself is so varied) is that the vocals remain constantly icy and shrill. I would like to raise a comparison to Tribulation. Not because this music resembles theirs, because it does not do so at all, but because Seventh Genocide, too, is a band that takes the black metal genre and gives it their own and surprising spin. This EP is awesome.

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