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Cult Of Scarecrow - Cult Of Scarecrow

Cult Of Scarecrow - Cult Of Scarecrow

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Henk : Cult Of Scarecrow is a Belgian band that debuts with an EP that takes more than thirty minutes. Others would no longer call that an EP, but a long player. Four numbers on this disc that warn us about the end of humanity and the destruction of our planet. The music is very well suited for that. Dark and gloomy with ominous keyboards here and there. All this at a slow pace, which makes the music even more threatening. Singer Filip uses a normal narrative singing voice. Every now and then he is a bit like Ozzy but a little lower. The long songs are never boring and are the perfect soundtrack for the period of the year and this period especially in view of the daily news. Recommended.

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