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Instorm - Taming The Chaos

Instorm - Taming The Chaos

Label : Metal Carnival | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : Instorm releases its second album, after the 2013 effort ‘Madness Inside’. The Russian trio describes its music as melo-death. Once they started off as Deadlake, by the way. Two members share a last name, I have no idea if that is through marriage or through other family ties. Regardless of the background information, they both play guitar and contribute vocals. The band does not seem to have a (solid) bass player.

This band shows a lot of common ground with the Portuguese Moonspell, although I don’t even think that is purposely. But the music, the pace, the atmosphere, the arrangements (with keys) and the vocal lines all remind me of it. The operatic vocals of guitarist Marina are of course not an example of that, and the band does have a direction of its own. They too mention the influences of Kalmah and Children Of Bodom, which can be placed in perspective, yes. I think it would not have harmed them if they had a little bit more exciting pieces, a little more energy, or maybe just the opposite and make it all gloomier. Now it is a little bit too much middle-of-the-road, but apart form that it is a very fine album. The melody lines are clear and show their intentions with the music, and the classical influences get enough space to breathe through. Their talent to write catchy parts is undeniable and their individual qualities surface pleasantly at times, without becoming too much of a show off of prowess. But, you are always better off being your own judge, which I hereby invite you to be too. I enclosed a video for reference.

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