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Bismut - Schwerpunkt

Bismut - Schwerpunkt

Label : Lay Bare Recordings | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : The Dutch trio of Bismut has their own way of telling stories instrumentally. The band was formed in 2016 after several and intense jam sessions and they have been building a very solid live reputation since. Earlier this year they released the song 'Buntovnost' (see the YouTube clip below) in which footage of a live show in Doornroosje (Nijmegen) was used - I will return to this later to complete the circle. Last November saw the official release of their debut album 'Schwerpunkt'.

The album consists of four very interesting compositions, all of which are close to or over ten minutes long.This time is used well by building up to something big and impressive. When I talk about build-ups I always think of post metal, but this is something quite different and uses a somewhat sober rhythm section and loud and glaring guitar solos. At times it has me thinking: okay, get on with it! Which is exactly what happens next. Sometimes this takes a little too long, but once it happens things go wild and we are treated on heavy, delicious guitar parts, supported by a rhythm section that is stepping up to the front very solidly. There are also heavy, grinding passages that force their way through your mind, destroying everything in their path. Look at it as a huge, cumbersome juggernaut that is slowly and clumsily working up towards a certain point and, once it reaches that point, sets off straight and dazzlingy fast towards its goal of pure, sonic pleasure.

I find 'Schwerpunkt' a tough album to compare to other bands or albums, I think Bismut is doing something really nice here by approaching instrumentalism in a fresh, new way. And to complete the circle I mentioned earlier: they will be onstage at Doornroosje again in May, as part of the Sonic Whip 2019 lineup.

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