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Sönambula - Bicëfalo

Sönambula - Bicëfalo

Label : Xtreem Music | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Sönambula hails from Basque Country and plays old-fashioned doom death. Think of bands such as Autopsy, Coffins, old Asphyx. However, unfortunately the level of those bands is never reached. Not that it is bad. Oh no. The problem is that it has been done many times before and better and especially more memorable. After 38 minutes the album is over, but totally nothing sticks. It all sounds coarse and heavy and Rapha utilizes a fine grunt and the production of ‘Bicéfalo’ is as it should be. Heavy as hell and grimy, but that’s it. Of a band such as Sönambula there are many within the doom death realm of metal. Purchase is to be recommended to completists. Everyone else I would recommend to spin this album once and then grab back to the aforementioned bands.

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