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Sechem - Disputes With My Ba

Sechem - Disputes With My Ba

Label : Atcys Records | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Not only Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy has this month Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land) as guest musician on ‘bouzoukitara’ and as producer so it seems, also with the Spanish band Sechem that is the case. They play folk metal with oriental influences. Ancient Egypt happens to be the main source of inspiration and on their debut album ‘Disputes With My Ba’ they are doing quite a good job.

The band throws in all kinds of subgenres of metal, finally integrating eastern folk music in quite sturdy metal, with female vocals of Ikena and some well-placed firm grunts of bassist Santi Urruela. In the opening track ‘In Search Of Immortality’ it results in an explosive cocktail we really enjoy. The pure oriental sounds are regaled with ultimate chunky riffs, flute sounds flow joyful through the composition and vocals of Ikena are low-ranged, modest and storytelling. Incidental growls add more ardour to the stamping riffs, fervent guitar solos reign all over and towards the end it really gets atmospheric. This longest song of the album is one of the highlights. ‘Mummify Me’ turns into the same discipline: chunky riffs, some folk instruments (authentic or not) and the interaction between female vocals and shouting male guys. One can even spot any jazz-like melodies in ‘Bird In A Cage’, but the next highlight happens to be the fervent power metal based ‘An Epic Journey To Yam’, in which Yossi Sassi has a fine contribution. Flashing and fervent guitar solos all over here, sturdy male choirs in the inciting chorus and finally in gallop to any oriental refinement. The next songs are also meritorious – including any male growls spicing up the calm female vocals – but they are less impressive. Until ‘The Shipwrecked Sailor’ gives us more satisfaction. ‘Rusty Nail’ might be another track doing well in a live situation, with its kind of stoner like groove and after the piano intermezzo ‘Waltz Of The Three Fates’ we only have ‘The Doomed Prince’ left, with storytelling female vocals, fast riffs plus flutes and oriental sounds. Same recipe. Not bad for a debut anyways.

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