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Methedras - The Ventriloquist

Methedras - The Ventriloquist

Label : Massacre | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : If there are many bands in a certain genre and many albums are being released, then it is an unwritten law that there is also a lot of mediocrity. Methedras does not do much wrong on their new album 'The Ventriloquist', because it is basically a good thrash metal album with some death metal influences (especially the voice of singer Claudio Facheris brings that influence). However, if you've listened to the album from front to back, there is not much left that you remember, except the idea that you've heard good, heavy riffs, felt a decent groove, and that there was a good pace to the songs.

There you perhaps have the biggest shortcoming, because that pace is nice, but often the same, making it almost background music. 'Into The Maze' has something extra because of the nice groove and great riff and the closing 'Watch Me Fall' offers more variety than the rest of the album. You can indeed hear the influences of Bay Area thrash metal and Northern European death metal mentioned by the band on their social media, so in that respect you know what you get when you listen to 'The Ventriloquist'. As an introduction to the genre, this album is certainly not the wrong choice, but the more seasoned enthusiast will leave this album be, no matter how good the album sounds. Something more daring choices at the next writing session will bring Methedras back to the attention of a larger audience, I think.

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