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Klee Project - Living In Confusion

Klee Project - Living In Confusion

Label : PR Lodge | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Italian all-star band Klee Project was founded in 2011. Still, it took more than five years before they released their debut 'The Long Way'. Apparently this one was successful because now they are already back with the successor. Singer Roberto Sterpetti has written the entire album this time. He just got some help from two Americans Mike Botula and Blitch66. Furthermore, Chicco Gussoni (guitar), Daniele Lacono (drums) and Lorenzo Poli (bass) joined the fold. If they are going to stay however is unknown, but it is a fact that they are excellent musicians who know how to make good music. And that’s all that counts of course. The records counts no less than eleven compelling and good-sounding songs that are drenched in a southern rock atmosphere with some blues accents. Singer Roberto has a somewhat hoarse but warm voice. Each song contains an excellent choruses that is easy to sing along, supported by excellent and warm guitar work with melodic solos and a bass that is prominently present. Actually, it is one good rock song the other with as absolute highlight 'I Save You'. What an amazing track! In terms of class, they have surpassed their debut. Every AOR fan will enjoy this very much.

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