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U-Foes - Whiteout

U-Foes - Whiteout

Label : Marw Melodee Music | Archive under stoner

Release type: Download

Bart M. : That authentic and true black metal is not the only kind of music coming from Norway was already known. The Norwegians also bring forth great stoner and Viking bands. And now they have given birth to U-Foes, a band consisting of three members, namely a singer, drummer and a guitar player. 'Whiteout' is the first album of theirs that we can add to our collections. It is not readily apparent under which banner we can put this music because even though only two instruments are used a lot of things are happening and we are hit in the head by a full and satisfying sound. At first it is reminiscent of a fine hardcore but very quickly nuances and subtleties surface that lead us more into stoner lands and sometimes even quite briefly into the dark domains of doom.

The most outstanding quality of U-Foes is the enthusiasm and conviction with which they throw their noise into your face. The whole album is a merciless onslaught on your hearing and mental health but it is accompanied by a very pleasant undertone that makes it very hard to actually get enough of this music. Still, it sounds as raw and aggressive as if your intestines have found their way out of your body and are now creating a hefty moshpit right in front of your eyes. The screaming vocals of Anders Voldronning (that DO remind me of the aforementioned Viking bands) are also very distinctive for the sound and with 'Whiteout' U-Foes put down an interesting and unique debut album.

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