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Svartidauδi - Revelations Of The Red Sword

Svartidauδi - Revelations Of The Red Sword

Label : Van Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Svartidauδi is an Icelandic black metal outfit that has gained a signficant reputation, but has released only one full-length: ‘Flesh Cathedral’. Now, six years there is a proper follow-up called ‘Revelations Of The Red Sword’. Svartidauδi plays dissonant, slightly chaotic black metal somewhere in the slip-stream of Deathspell Omega and the likes them. Which seems to be the style of choice for Icelandic bands. Svartidauδi isn’t a one-dimensional outfit though. Their main strength is their talent to incorporate melody into the suffocating framework of uncompromising and nasty black metal. Even coming close to melodic doom/death melodics at times. Somehow Svartidauδi makes it work without seeming contrived or forced. The interchanging of moods is fluent and the result are songs that bolster hatred and aggression, but also show shimmers of hope. Isn’t that even more evil? Enticing you with glimpses of redemption, but also incarcerating you in some kind of dissonant hell. Isn’t this exactly what we need as fans of this style? Yes it is, indeed.

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