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Stilla - Synviljor

Stilla - Synviljor

Label : Nordvis Produktion | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Stilla is back with a fourth record already and the title is ‘Synviljor’. These Swedes specialise in a certain brand of old-school black metal harkening back to the heydays of bands like Arcturus, Borknagar, Enslaved and Kvist. Raw guitars churning out cold but melodic riffing with a certain Viking-vibe. Soft synths to ensure a certain astral mood, and to top it off are the vocals that are reminiscent of of Kvist or early Satyricon. The production is deliberately trebly and hazy and off-course triggers aren’t used. All to ensure (or emulate) a certain nostalgic sound. Stilla does all this rather well, with their saving grace being their talent for black metal song-writing and apparent sincerity. So fans of the aforementioned pioneers dig in, people looking the next evolutionary step in black metal may want to try their luck elsewhere.

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