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Purser Deverill - Square One

Purser Deverill - Square One

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : There is a saying that goes like “what is good will come fast”. Well, Fred Purser and Jon Deverill have their own view on this. This album, called ‘Square One’ was finally finished after thirty years. Purser replaced John Sykes in Tygers Of Pan Tang in the early eighties. John Deverill was the vocalist at that moment within the band. The two became friends, resulting in this album. The departure of Sykes left the band uninspired and a toothless beast by the way. A part of this album was written to be the next Tygers album, but the band split up before the album was recorded. The ten tracks have nothing in common with the harder edged side of Tygers. It is a follow up on the unsuccessful albums the band released in the last period of their career. It all sounds quite bland with hardly any variation. A song as ‘Beat Them Join Them’ will not get you anywhere nowadays. The material really sund like it is thirty years old. Only modern thing is the production job by Purser. We have to give him credit for doing a fine job on that. Deverill his vocals are convincing and strong enough. If I was him, I would leave it with this album. There will certainly be a band giving him a warm welcome.

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