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Obscenity - Summoning The Circle

Obscenity - Summoning The Circle

Label : Apostasy Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The German band Obscenity celebrates its 30th anniversary next year and ahead of that they already treat us with their new album. With this, the counter hits ten, when it comes to full–length records. After their previous release, the band was forced to find a new frontman, who was found in Manuel Siewert, who in turn could be known from December Flower and a new bassist. The latter chore now rests on the shoulders of David Speckmann, as far as i can tell not closely related to the other bass playing Speckmann. What did stay the same, is the cooperation with Jörg Üken in Soundlogde Studios.

The shift of vocals can have an immense impact on a band, so that is always an insecure moment. By the way, entering a new band can also have a huge impact on the singing style of the said microphonist. The oldschool death metal of the band comes across strong and clear. Leave that up to Üken. The songs are characterised by a certain predictability, which is far from a complaint in this case, since they have a fine sense of what the songs ask for. The vocals for instance are a perfect cliché, like you want it with a band like this, with a lot of threat and rolling rhythms. That requires a rude, ominous singer. Add to that description some more fanatic passages, a fair amount of catchy riffs and frivolous solos and the image unfolds right before you in a representative way. These guys don’t play old school from their lack of ability to do more, but purely because this is what they all enjoy a lot themselves. You can hear that throughout every single part. Again, the factor surprise may be a little low to gain a high score, but this is a fine piece of entertainment. I enjoy pretty much every moment of it.

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