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Darkestrah - Sary Oy

Darkestrah - Sary Oy

Label : Shaytan Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Re-release

Roel de Haan : ‘Sary Oy’ was Darkestrah’s first full-length album and released (very limited) in 2004. Apparently Shaytan Productions already re-released in 2016 on vinyl, but only now it has found its way to our desks. This Kirgizian band specialises in pagan/folk black metal with epic structures. And on this debut this was already present. Various folk-passages, synths, piano and pagan riffing make up the three lengthy tracks on this album. Production-wise it is clearly an album without a major budget and in terms of song-writing there was room for improvement as well. The quieter acoustic and synths parts often lasts a little long and the epic black metal foundation is somewhat underdeveloped, both in style and quantity. Still back then it showed enough potential and the band did developed and matured in a well respected pagan act. This re-release however is really only for real fans of Darkestrah and frantic completists.

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