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Wolcensmen - Songs From The Fyrgen

Wolcensmen - Songs From The Fyrgen

Label : Indie Recordings | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Heathen folk looms up from misty England. Even before Dan Capp joined the mighty Winterfylleth, he was writing acoustic songs (in the nineties), based on folklore and neoclassical elements, deeply rooted in Scandinavian sounds. Spiritual philosophies and creating a certain atmosphere are important features of the music.

In this respect Capp did a good job on the debut album ‘Songs From The Fyrgen’. It happens to be an album, made to enjoy around a cozy hearth fire. When everything around you is silent and dark and mankind has come to rest on this planet, that’s the right moment for letting this acoustic neo-folk – the kind of music Prophecy Productions also releases – get a hold on you. The sonorous guitar plucking of ‘Withershins’ is slow and thoughtful. Any distant chants resound, but there is also a cold wind blowing, surrounded by cello and piano. ‘The Fyre-Bough’ might be the most beautiful song on this album. It has a haunting melody on acoustic guitar, serene pure clean vocals of Dan, graced with ultimate melancholic cello. In ‘Sunne’ we hear harmony vocals. This acoustic album is also regaled with soaring synthesizers and the contribution of Grimrik can be heard in ‘Hoofes Upon The Shymmeringe Path’ and even more in the spatial fluttering ‘’Neath A Wreath Of Firs’. It has a length of ten minutes and takes you to savage vast plains in nature. In despite of the fact that this is an acoustic album, it offers a wide range of variegation. Such as wonderful flute playing of guest musician Jake Rogers in ‘Snowfall’ (he can be heard in other songs too), a bit later a traditional, interpret in a personal way, called ‘The Mon o’ Micht’ and quite a lot piano in ‘The Bekens Are Aliht’. In the occluding ‘Yeminge’, strings are added. All is relished with clear serene vocals of Dan Capp. This is calm beauty to enjoy in your comfortable couch with a fine glass of wine within reach.

‘Songs From The Fyrgen’ was initially released as very limited edition independently in November 2016, but the disc was sold out in six months. In 2017 Indie Recordings discovered this hidden gem and now they rerelease the album with a larger distribution. The album was remixed and re-mastered and comes out with a bonus disc filled with new songs, amongst them a cover of the Bathory song ‘Man Of Iron’. Perfect to spend the cold winter evenings in a fine manner.

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