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Mansion - First Death Of The Lutheran

Mansion - First Death Of The Lutheran

Label : I Hate | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : It’s always a difficult thing for Hubregtse doom with female vocals. Because in nine of ten cases he experiences it not to work due to the women concerned often lacking the power in their vocals needed to support the music. As you could have guessed by now Mansion from Finland features female vocals. Also male vocals, by the way, even though the female vocals dominate. After a couple of splits and Eps Mansion debuts with full-length album ‘First Death of The Lutheran’. After having listened to it, it reminded me of the works of Sabbath Assembly. So-called occult doom with rock and psychedelic influences. Alma’s vocals first the music like a glove and is at times supported by the vocals of Osmo. The two complement each other perfectly. After multiple spins the songs open up and grab you. However, it has to be said that the album has to be played in its entirety and in the order the songs are presented. Except for Sabbath Assembly it also somewhat reminds me a tiny bit of Mourn and Jex Thoth. A difficult album to describe ‘First Death Of The Lutheran’. Do check it out and especially if you like occult sounding doom.

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