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DayGlo Mourning / Bludy Gyres - Rope Enough For Two

DayGlo Mourning / Bludy Gyres - Rope Enough For Two

Label : Black Doomba Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Split cd

Marcel H. : ‘Rope Enough For Two’ is a split featuring DayGlo Mourning and Bludy Gyres. DayGlo Mourning opens proceedings with three songs clocking in at a total of 17,5 minutes showcasing a classic doom sound which also harbours some stoner and sludge. ‘Weedcreeper’, ‘Wizard In White’ and ‘Dark Ritual’ can also be found on the band’s debut from October. That debut is available as digital download and this ‘Rope Enough For Two’ split on vinyl, limited to 250 copies. The songs sound nice but somehow never manage to really break loose. It just ripples like a tranquil sea.

As soon as DayGlo Mourning finished showing their trades Bludy Gyres comes forth with ‘Behold! Your World Burns’ clocking in at a hefty 17.5 minutes. The song stems from 2015 but was only available as digital download at the time. Now at last, like just mentioned, on vinyl, limited to 250 copies. It is a doom song which, just like the ones by DayGlo Mourning, move forth with a classic doom sound featuring some stoner and sludge and in this case also some very light progressive influences here and there. Looking at the make-up of the band it is funny to notice that both the bassist/vocalist and one of the guitarists used to be part of cult thrash combo Hallows Eve. Just like DayGlo Mourning’s songs ‘Behold! Your World’ never breaks loose and just ripples like that aforementioned tranquil brook. So, all in all not a special split. But in itself interesting enough to check out some time when you have time on your hands.

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