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Dog Eat Dog - Brand New Breed

Dog Eat Dog - Brand New Breed

Label : Metalville | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Sure Dog Eat Dog needs no further introduction. Their performance on 1995’s Dynamo Open Air was semi-legendary and ‘Warrant’ (1993), ‘All Boro Kings’ (1994) and ‘Play Games’ (1996) were progressive crossover albums that definitely stood the test of time. ‘Amped’ (1999) and ‘Walk With Me’ (2006) had less impact on the scene, but were actually quite nice. Nowadays the band from Bergen, New Jersey still tours the globe and in 2017 their most recent output ‘Brand New Breed’ was self-released.

The four track mini-CD was only available at their merch boot at gigs, but most recent, ‘Brand New Breed’ was re-released by Metalville. They added four bonus tracks to the CD: ‘Isms’, ‘Rocky’ and ‘Lumpy Dog’ (unplugged) and ‘XXV’ (live), but it’s the studio tracks that count here. They are quite nice and kind of remind me of Beastie Boys and Murphy’s Law (‘The Best Of Time’-era), but they leave no lasting impression on me in any shape or form.

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