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Defy The Curse - Defy The Curse

Defy The Curse - Defy The Curse

Label : Hammerheart Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Pim B. : Defy The Curse is a new band from Limburg in the Netherlands in which we find some familiar faces. These are guitarist Harold Gielen (Legion of the Damned, ex-Mangled, ex-Inhume), singer Wouter Wagemans (Collision, The Guilt Parade), bassist (Collision, ex-Mangled, ex-Acid Deathtrip) and drummer Bjorn Surminski (Slam Squad). This four-piece went to the Toneshed Studio to record this five song debut with Erwin Hermsen at the helm, who by the way also used to be in Mangled. This EP has already been digitally released by Hammerheart Records with whom some band members have a relationship. In December the physical release is planned in the form of a 12” slab of vinyl.

Defy The Curse present themselves in a very solid way. I would describe their sound as a mix of ‘Wolverine Blues’-era Entombed and the crustpunk of Discharge and their copycats. Especially the combination of the guitar and bass sound with the chunky grooves are finger licking good. And when they put the pedal to the metal they run you over without any hesitation. So we can conclude this is a great piece of music but don’t get the illusion you are dealing with style changers. That would be a bit too much. I can tell these five songs are over too soon. This leaves you craving for more.

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