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TiefRot - Blutmond

TiefRot - Blutmond

Label : STF Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : TiefRot happens to be a German duo, hailing from Hanover, made up of musician/producer Wielo Hofmeister and female singer Becky Faber. Hofmeister has played in many bands and released albums with the progressive metal band Yargos. Becky is a professional singer with a lot of live experience, even in the country rock scene. She also plays guitar and banjo. ‘Blutmond’ appears to be their first achievement together and it turned into a mix of Neue Deutsche Härte and gothic metal, but mostly with a beat and groove-laden approach.

We notice a self-conscious vocalist with a strong voice, songs with often a light poppy chorus and they mainly feature typical heavy riffs and a lot of electronic effects. They write danceable tunes. Playful keyboards intertwine the songs. Several times they start with piano and sensitive vocal lines, while ‘Frei’ and ‘Zwischen Den Zeilen’ are proper ballads. Many tracks are quasi sturdy and stamping, referring to the influence of Rammstein. Sometimes Becky does any rough screams, referring to bands like In This Moment. It is not my cup of tea, but maybe the audience at Wave Gotik Treffen might like it.

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