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Browsing Collection - Don't Want To Dance

Browsing Collection - Don't Want To Dance

Label : Icons Creating Evil Art | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Mini-CD

Koen B. : Whist spinning the ‘Don’t Want To Dance’ EP by Sweden’s Browsing Collection, my wife asked me if this was the new Avril Lavigne album I was listening to. I replied “uh, well no… according to their biography it’s a metal influenced all-female punk rock band”. She: “punk rock with metal influences? Sounds like No Doubt to me!” Me: “no they are called Browsing Collection that debuted with ‘Greeting From Wonderland’ in 2015”.

She: “their music ain’t exactly your cup of tea but they kinda look nice”. Me: “that’s for sure, but apart from their looks they know how to write songs and they know how to handle their instruments”. She: “but why does the editor-in-chief send you this poppy crap?” Me: “well I don’t know, maybe the band’s biography was a bit deceiving or he wanted to punish me for violating the deadlines once and a while”. She: “just tell him to shove it up his ass”. Me: “I will darling!”

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