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ArchiTorture - World Peace

ArchiTorture - World Peace

Label : BWK Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : In 2012, ArchiTorture debuted with ‘Spare No One’. The CD was packed with Exodus-esque thrash metal that was very much of my liking. Their next release was 2016’s ‘Mythomania’, a three track EP which I unfortunately don’t know. Recently BWK Records released ArchiTorture’s sophomore album ‘World Peace’. It’s pretty hard to obtain of physical copy of this one, but you can get it over here for only ten Euro’s.

It’s a pity Anssi Kantola (vocals and drums) and Sami Eskola (guitars and bass) are tucked away in Vantaa, Finland and are not supported by a bigger label or a management that have the abilities to do a proper promotion or put ArchiTorture on a nice tour or a great festival. This band has the full potential to attract a wide array of thrashers. Not those who like modern shit but those who are attracted to the old school. ArchiTorture won’t gain world peace with ‘World Peace’ but it’s a damn fine thrasher anyway.

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