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Arrayan Path - Archegonoi

Arrayan Path - Archegonoi

Label : Pitch Black Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : The Cypriot act Arrayan Path and me have a somewhat difficult relationship. On the one hand I recognize their quality and right to exist, on the other hand, the last few albums of this band are not really worth listening to. The band unmistakably consists of good musicians and with Nicholas Leptos it has a singer of some quality. The man really has a good voice. The progressive power metal of this band is layered and stuffed with a lot of variety. When you check out the songs 'Weaving The Web Of Destination', 'Eastern Sands' and 'Sins Of Pandora' one after the other you cannot come to another conclusion that this is a fantastic album. These songs are almost Rhapsodian in quality and grandeur. But alas there are eleven other tracks that are a lot less entertaining. Due to a lack of recognizable themes and just plain boring song writing, these do not make the impression that the mentioned songs do. These songs do not linger, they do not have any grotesque moments and pass by anonymous. The biggest problem here is the lack of good melodies and the slow pace. Sometimes it has little to do with metal at all. How is it possible that those three mentioned songs are really fantastic? This is really not their first album on which this is the case. I think the band is better off if they take a closer look at the compositions for a next album. Very much a shame that the present talent is wasted like this.

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